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Kimi Couture

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About My Designs


Kimi Couture is an up and coming fashion brand based out of Columbus, Ohio.  My designs are influenced by everyday life, current trends, and the people and places surrounding us.  I am a self-taught designer, Licensed Practical Nurse, and a fashion and retail studies major at The Ohio State University.  I have always been passionate about fashion, but it wasn’t until I enrolled in OSU when I began to pursue a career in fashion.  This is when I got serious about learning how to sew and to my surprise it was something that I was naturally good at.  The first garment that I created was a one piece bodysuit, that was showcased in a fashion show at The Ohio State University last year in April.  I enjoy creating seasonal collections as well as custom pieces for my clients.


"You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it"

Edith Head